Next Google Nexus coming from China-based Huawei, says employee

Amid previous rumors that Huawei is building a Nexus phone for Google, a Huawei employee has confirmed it. How will a China-based hardware partner fare with Nexus sales?

It's looking more and more likely that Huawei will be the next Google hardware partner to build a Nexus phone: An unnamed Huawei representative confirmed it to IB Times UK on Wednesday.

Last month, Android Police reported that Google will offer two Nexus handsets this year, which would be a first. Typically, the company chooses a single hardware partner and releases just one new Nexus phone.

Google may break from the norm for the first time in five years as information suggests both a 5.2-inch LG handset and a 5.7-inch model from Huawei will launch in conjunction with Google's Android M software.

LG was already tapped for a Nexus; it built the 2013 Nexus 5 model. Other hardware partners have included HTC, Samsung and Motorola. Samsung was twice a Nexus partner, so LG getting the nod again wouldn't be odd.

A choice of Huawei, however, would be a bit different.

For starters, China-based Huawei has previously been scrutinized from a security standpoint in Google's home country of the U.S. Much of that issue revolved around Huawei's telecommunications infrastructure equipment and not consumer products. Still, it will have stuck in some people's minds.

Even stranger: In Huawei's home country, Google's services are often bypassed due to concerns by the Chinese government.

Those services are central to a Nexus device, making it difficult, if not impossible, for Google to sell the phone in China. Speaking to the IB Times UK, the Huawei employee said the company will "work something out" in regards to that issue.

In the U.S., a Nexus phone from Huawei would give a boost to the brand name. It already sells handsets here but has few carrier partners. Instead, the company supplements its few carrier-branded phones with its own models available through an online store.

Last week, Huawei added a few new items to its direct sales lineup, including the P8 Lite handset. That helps raise brand awareness here but getting a Huawei-built Nexus phone front and center on Google's online storefront would likely do much more for the company.

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