China claims over half the world's Q3 tech IPOs: PwC

China claimed more than half of the world's technology initial public offerings during the third quarter of 2014, according to new research by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The historic initial public offering (IPO) of China's Alibaba Group on the New York Stock Exchange in September has resulted in the People's Republic dominating the technology IPO market in the third quarter of 2014, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

The PwC Global Technology IPO review (PDF) for Q3 2014 has revealed that China also claimed more than half of the world's technology IPOs for the quarter, with Chinese companies comprising 56 percent of the global total.

According to the PwC research, 10 Chinese technology companies floated publicly during the quarter, with Alibaba Group's AU$25 billion IPO — the largest ever — on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in September overshadowing the global total.

After China, the US posted two technology IPOs, and New Zealand and Luxembourg claimed one deal each, with New Zealand film distribution software provider Vista Group listing on the New Zealand Securities Exchange, and Luxembourg-based software company Globant listing on the NYSE.

Meanwhile, Australia saw the Australian Securities Exchange IPO of salary packaging administration and fleet management services company Smartgroup Corporation.

According to the report, cross-border IPOs — one of which was Alibaba Group's NYSE listing — rose slightly compared to the previous quarter, to 33 percent. Of the six cross-border IPOs, two were from China, three were from Israel, and one was from Luxembourg.

The NYSE and the tech-focused NASDAQ exchanges were primary targets for cross-border IPOs during the period, along with the London Stock Exchange's AIM sub-market.

Internet software and services ranked as the most active sub-sectors for technology IPOs in the three-month period, raising $22.8 billion in total, with PwC counting Alibaba's first trading day IPO tally of $21.8 billion, rather than the $25 billion it hit after underwriters exercised an option to purchase additional shares.

The internet software and services sub-sectors saw a steady rise from 44 percent of the technology total in 2011 to 67 percent of the industry IPOs for the latest quarter. Thanks to the Alibaba IPO, the internet software and services sectors claimed 92 percent of the total.

Meanwhile, rising demand for wearables, smart devices, and mobile solutions is also increasing the demand for specialised semiconductor components. The semiconductor sub-sector had four Chinese IPOs, raising $533 million, compared to $418 million in Q2 2014, a 28 percent increase in proceeds quarter over quarter with the same number of deals.

All in all, PwC estimates that global technology IPOs for Q3 2014 set a record, at $24.8 billion in total, surpassing the previous quarterly record of $17.8 billion, raised in the second quarter of 2012 following Facebook's $16 billion IPO.

Eighteen companies from six different countries completed their IPOs in the third quarter of the year, reflecting a 50 percent year-on-year increase in volume.

However, US technology company IPOs declined significantly during the quarter, according to PwC, with only two companies from the US listing during the period, compared to 14 during the previous quarter.