China.com's fortunes rise

China.com makes financial headway, despite an unhospitable government.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Chinese business web portal China.com announced a 174 percent increase in revenues from $881,000 (£545,545) to $2.4m for the quarter ended 30 July 30.

China.com recorded a net loss of $2.2m for the period, but its growth is still impressive for a company within China's burgeoning Internet marketplace. The increase may be largely due to advertising contracts with US companies including Microsoft and AT&T, say reports.

Senior analyst with Mintel Research, Lance Close points out, "This is especially impressive as it is against the better intentions of the Chinese government. It hates the Internet and tries to restrict access in all sorts of ways."

In July China.com recorded an impressive debut on the US stock market, with a 233 percent rise in share prices on its first day.

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