China eyes Internet governance collaboration with South Korea

Four areas of cooperation include a multilateral framework for governance, use of the Internet under UN scrutiny, clamping down on illegal online behavior, and joint efforts in protecting privacy.

Top regulators from China hailed the importanece of Internet safety and are looking for closer collaboration with South Korea on Internet governance, according to China Daily.

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"Internet safety safeguards innovation and development. Those who master better technology in boosting Internet safety could better meet future challenges and serve its people," said Lu Wei, minister of China's State Internet Information Office. He was speaking at the Second China-Republic of Korea Internet Roundtable in Seoul on Tuesday.

Lu outlined four areas of cooperation between both countries, according to the report. This included setting up a multilateral framework for governance and use of the Internet under United Nations scrutiny, clamping down on illegal online behavior for a healthier Internet order, and joint efforts in protecting Internet privacy .

The minister also suggested four areas of partnership between their Internet industries, such as leveraging China's booming growth in the sector, and making Chinese and South Korean culture more popular online.