China launches 10-year campaign for science, tech talent

The government program aims to cultivate over 10,000 individuals in scientific and technological fields, and will include financial support and encouraging more favorable policies.

China has unveiled a 10-year campaign to groom more than 10,000 talented individuals in scientific and technological fields, in its latest bid to consolidate a foundation for the country's development.

In a report Thursday, China Daily said the project was titled "National Plan for the Special Support of High-level Talent", according to a statement released Wednesday by China's Central Coordination Group for Talent Work.

Among the selected individuals will be 100 scientists, who have made breakthroughs in leading fields and have the potential to become "world-class scientists", it noted.

Other talent that will be supported include 8,000 people, who have made innovative achievements in science and technology, as well as leading figures in the philosophical and social sciences, education and engineering.

There will also be another 2,000 people, under the age of 35, who are deemed to have outstanding potential in research and technology innovation.

China Daily noted that in addition to financial support for research projects, the program will also require employers and related governmental departments to create more favorable policies regarding research, work evaluation and stimulus benefits.

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