China leads world in wind power generation

China surpasses United States and makes great strides in wind power generation, becoming world's leading wind-generating country.

Screenshot by Liu Jiayi

The installed wind power-generating capacity in China surged from 2,000MW to 52,580MW in the past six years, surpassing the United States to become No.1 in the world, according to the country's state grid company. 

China generated a record amount of 70.6TWh wind power in 2011, an increase of 96 percent. According to the Shu Yingbiao, deputy managing director of the State Grid Corporation of China, it only took China less than six years to overtake the U.S. and Europe to become the biggest and fastest-growing wind-generating country in the world. 

"We have gone through a lot to reach this point," said Shu in a recent press conference. "As the wind-generating capacity increases, the industry standard perfects, and the technology improves, the state grid is becoming more and more vital to the fast development of the wind power generation. The company has successfully solved many problems during the course." 

A wind power forecast system in 14 dispatching centers optimized the power dispatching and forecasting. The newly established national operation network of power dispatching and monitoring also covered 570 wind plants in 26 provinces, and set the standard for plant construction and combining to the state grid. These allowed all wind power projects to timely synchronize to the state grid, said a Chinese tech site's report

According to the government's projection, China's wind-generating capacity would exceed 100,000MW in 2015 and 200,000MW in 2020.