China Mobile, China UnionPay seal m-payments partnership

Both companies collaborate to drive use of mobile payments services, including SIM-based payment methods and near-field communications-based digital wallets.

China Mobile and payments provider China UnionPay have agreed to collaborate on mobile payments services, including integrating banking details into SIM cards and near-field communications-based (NFC) digital wallets.

In a statement Thursday, China UnionPay said the companies will explore the use of mobile handsets for more payment services. This include integrating a user's banking details with his SIM card for long-distance mobile payments, such as credit card bills, utilities bills, online shopping.

For NFC payments, the companies hope to integrate China UnionPay's contactless payment, QuickPass, with China Mobile's mobile wallet services. They plan to trial contactless payment services in several Chinese cities before setting up some 100 NFC-enabled shopping areas, the statement said.

The partnership also includes work on standardization of NFC payments, NFC handset testing and a Trusted Service Manager platform, it added