China mobile phones to adopt Beidou navigation system

China is looking to introduce favorable policies and attract investment for its Beidou Navigation Satellite System, as well as expand its commercial use.

China is looking to expand the use of its Beidou navigation system to the wider commercial community.

China is promoting the use of its homegrown Beidou Navigation Satellite System and plans to make it available for commercial mobile phone services.

In a Xinhua report Tuesday, Yang Qiangwen, a leading scientist with the China Satellite Navigation Office, said the Beidou system has been performing well and its navigation precision improving steadily since it opened up the service to Asia-Pacific users on December 27, 2012.

"We are seeking favorable policies and attracting investment to promote the technology for public use. It will not be long before mobile phones adopt the Beidou system," said Yang.

Currently, the Beidou system is licensed by China's government and military users for transport, weather forecast, fishing, forestry, telecommunications, hydrological monitoring and mapping. In January, China's Ministry of Transport said commercial vehicle operators in nine regions will have to install Beidou, or face having their permits revoked .

Industry watchers previously told ZDNet Asia while China's satellite navigation system might be limited by its coverage since it only covers Asia-Pacific, the country's importance in the overall smartphone and personal navigation device industries means support for the system will increase in time .