China moves to top of list for attack traffic

Country found as top source of attack traffic in fourth quarter of 2011, up from third place in previous quarter, while United States came in second, according to report.

China was the top source of attack traffic in the fourth quarter of last year, moving up from third place in the previous quarter, while the United States and Indonesia came in second and third place respectively, according to Akamai.

China was observed to have generated the most attack traffic, accounting for 13 percent during the time period, said Akamai in its State of the Internet report for fourth quarter 2011 released Thursday. This was up from the third quarter, when the country generated 8.6 percent of attack traffic.

The United States was second with 10 percent, followed by Indonesia at 7.6 percent, it added. Incidentally, the positions between China and Indonesia were reversed in the third quarter. Indonesia was the top source of attack traffic then, with 14 percent, followed by Taiwan, 11 percent, and China. Taiwan, in the fourth quarter, moved down to fourth place with 7.5 percent.

According to Akamai, although Asia-Pacific and Oceania was still the top region in terms of aggregated attack traffic, the figure dropped from about 49 percent in the third quarter to 45 percent in the fourth quarter.

Asia-Pacific tops in broadband connectivity, speed
Cities in the Asia-Pacific region continued to dominate to top 100 cities with the fastest average connection speeds in the fourth quarter, taking up 69 places on the list, Akamai said. Out of the 69 cities, 61 were in Japan, 6 in South Korea, one in Australia, and Hong Kong.

South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong also remained the top three countries globally to have the highest average connection speeds. South Korea was number one with an average connection speed of 17.5 Mbps, a 28 percent year-on-year spike and a 4.7 percent increase from the third quarter.

Japan and Hong Kong both had average connection speeds of 9.1 Mbps. But while Japan's speed was an increase both yearly and quarterly, Hong Kong's speed fell 2.6 percent year-on-year and 14 percent from the previous quarter.

Throughout the fourth quarter, Akamai found that 27 percent of all connections were made at high broadband speeds of more than 5 Mbps. Besides having the fastest connectivity speed, South Korea was also first in terms of high broadband adoption, with 83 percent of the country's connections being made over 5 Mbps. The Netherlands was second with 67 percent, followed by Japan at 60 percent, Hong Kong at 57 percent, and Belgium in 52 percent.

While Asian countries made up three out of the top five countries with the most high-broadband adoption, European countries constituted seven out of the top 10 countries, it said.


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