China saw 1,327 cases of digital personal info trafficking

The Ministry of Public Security broke up 468 gangs and arrested 1,213 people for suspected personal information trafficking, along with hardware they used to capture data.


Chinese authorities have cracked a total of 1,327 cases of personal information trafficking which involved the use of Internet and other technologies..

The ministry of public security said in a statement on Sunday, it had broken up 468 gangs and arrested 1,213 people for suspected personal information trafficking, China Daily reported. More than 700 million pieces of personal information were also seized by police from more than 20 public security organs, including the cities of Beijing, Hebei and Shanghai.

A large number of computers, hard disks, tracking and positioning devices had been used by the criminals to market personal information were also captured during the campaign, the ministry said.

In early April for example, the police in the cities of Beijing and Hebei found a gang marketed personal information on the Internet, with business spanning more than 20 provincial and city regions across the country, the statement noted.

The ministry said it will maintain strong crackdowns on such activities to ensure people's legal rights are well protected, and also asked the public to improve the awareness of self-protection by not disclosing personal information in their daily life.

Late last month, Shanghai's People Procuratorate also said the number of identity theft cases increased from one in the first half of last year, to thirty cases this year , with most suspects abusing their employee position to harvest data for criminal purposes.

China however, has stepped up measures to protect the online personal data of its citizens. The country's police force in June last year was pushing for more regulated and clearly defined parameters on crimes personal data theft , as the existing law makes it tough for law enforcers to convict criminals. The government also set out rules and guidelines which companies must observe when they process personal data in February this year.