China to step up broadband development

Target is to have over 250 million broadband users, and raise access speeds in both urban and rural areas, with service coverage hitting 95 percent by end of 2015.

China plans to accelerate the development of broandband Internet access to increase the country's economic and social development.

Liu Lihua, the country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) vice minister, said in a statement released on the Web site on Tuesday, China aims to have more than 250 million broadband users by the end of 2015, with Internet access speeds in urban and rural areas reaching 20 megabits and 4 megabits respectively.

He also said broadband service coverage in the rural parts of China will hit 95 percent by 2015.

Relevant companies should intensify research and development inputs to provide high-quality products to meet the different needs of small and midsized businesses (SMBs), schools, households and communities, he urged.

The ministry will formulate more regulations to ensure fair competition and smoother developments the broadband industry, Liu added, noting more than 100 countries have launched broadband development strategies.

According to the latest report by China's Internet Network Information Center in July, China's Internet users had hit 538 million by the end of Jun. 2012 , up from 485 million a year ago.

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