ChinaTimes: Apple ordered 65M Retina displays from LG and Samsung

Add LG and Samsung to the crop of OEMs that are rumored to be fabricating high-resolution LCD panels for the iPad 3.

Could this be the Retina display in the next iPad? Jason O'Grady

In what's becoming a torrent of iPad 3 rumors, ChinaTimes today reports that Apple ordered as many as 65 million 264 pixel-per-inch (PPI) Retina-class LCD panels from suppliers LG and Samsung. Both are already production the panels according to the report. It was previously rumored that Sharp was manufacturing LCD panels destined for the iPad 3.

9to5Mac notes that Apple ordered 40 million LCD panels for the iPad 2. If true, today’s report indicates 60-70 percent increase in LCD panel orders over the iPad 2.

Where there's smoke, there's fire. (Lower case "f").

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