Chinese cyberattacks target mining groups

Three mining companies have been targeted by hackers attempting to steal confidential data, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation last night revealed that Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals had been hit by Chinese cyberattacks, one being in the lead up to the sentencing of former Rio Tinto mining executive Stern Hu.

"Hackers have worked to penetrate the companies' computers systems to steal confidential data," ABC1's Four Corner's programme host Marian Wilkinson said on Monday night on an episode entitled Chinese Whispers.

The attack on Rio Tinto was confirmed to Four Corners by former employees of the company and a senior government source. The program said the attacks were "sufficiently serious" for Rio to take its Singapore office offline for "almost three days immediately following Stern Hu's arrest, as it upgraded its network security".

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