Chinese designer creates paper laptop

Material made of recycled paper can replace plastic in consumer electronic goods.

Chinese design consultancy PEGA D&E created a way to make laptops out of an unlikely recycled material: paper.

Laptop shells are usually made of non-recyclable ABS plastic, which chokes landfills and costs manufacturers extra money to manage its disposal. PEGA D&E designed a paper-based material called Paper PP Alloy, which is a combination of recycled paper and polypropylene, a plastic used in furniture and food containers.

And because of the unique characteristics of the material, it can be recycled and reused.

Jesse Emspak reports for Discovery News:

"The paper and plastic are joined in a composite but not mixed like a metal alloy. PEGA says the Paper PP Alloy is just as strong as ABS, and it can even be injection-molded."

The new shelling material is strong, environmentally friendly and inexpensive to make. The company says Paper PP Alloy can replace all plastic in consumer electronics. The new material has already piqued the interest of consumer electronics manufacturers.

Paper Laptops: Sturdy As Plastic   [via Discovery News]

Photo: PEGA D&E

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