Chinese e-commerce provider turns e-reader maker

E-Commerce China Dangdang launching reading device by end-July and aims to differentiate itself from rivals based on ties with global and local publishers, report states.

Business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplace operator E-Commerce China Dangdang plans to launch an e-reader on Jul. 26, citing its familiarity of the publishing industry as a selling point.

According to a report by Finance QQ on Wednesday, Yi Wen-Fei, vice president of Dangdang, said its e-reader will differ from other manufacturers such as Hanvan and Bambook. This is because it will building on the company's experience in the publishing industry and existing partnerships with publishers to ensure the continuous stream of good quality digital content, he said.

It said the e-reader will have a 6-inch screen but other details of the device, such as its price, functionality and brand, will only be revealed during the pre-sale date on Jul. 24.

The Chinese company entered the digital bookstore market on Dec. 21, 2011, and currently offers around 100,000 titles, the report noted.

Dangdang is not the only e-commerce company in the region to launch its own digital book reading device. Japanese giant Rakuten had earlier launched a digital bookstore and started selling e-readers targeted at its home market too.