Chinese gaming sites hacked: Millions of users affected

The accounts of millions of Chinese web users have been compromised in a series of hacking attacks on several gaming websites, with account information leaking online.

Vast amounts of data has been stolen from millions of Chinese web users in a series of hacking incidents.

It was reported yesterday that CDSN -- an IT portal and community -- had been hacked, and data including the username and passwords combinations for over six millions user accounts had been stolen.

However, CDSN was not the only website effected by the attack, with leaked information surfacing on the web. Several major gaming sites were also the victims of the hackers.

Data was also stolen from gaming site Duowan, with over eight millions users affected. Website 7k7k also reportedly lost data for around twenty million users, and a further ten million accounts were hacked from

Although many of these hacks, with the exception of the initial CDSN hack, have not been officially confirmed yet, large amounts of the stolen information has been published online.

The information, particularly lists of usernames and passwords from Duowan, would seem to confirm the attacks.

So far the hacks seem to focus on gaming websites, but there are rumours spreading that the leaked information may have already affected major Chinese social networking sites Renren and Kaixin.

At the moment these rumours appear to be unsubstantiated, while the extent of the attacks remains to be seen.

Hacking web communities and gaming networks has been a disturbing trend this year, the most high profile attack being the PlayStation Network in April, where an estimated 77 million accounts were compromised.

China has been facing increasing scrutiny over hackers, with U.S cyber security analysts suggesting that as few as twelve different groups of Chinese hackers might be responsible for the majority of cyberattacks against the U.S.