Chinese hacks target 35M Korean social media accounts

Data such as names and phone numbers among information stolen from popular social networking portal, say South Korean authorities. IP addresses show attacks launched from China.

More than 35 million accounts of a popular South Korea social media portal have been hacked and data accessed by Chinese hackers, reports BBC.

The article said the attacks were targeted at two sites, Cyworld Web site and Nate Web portal, housed within the portal which is run by local operator, SK Telcom. Hackers stole phone numbers, e-mail addresses, names and encrypted information about members of both sites.

Details of the breach were revealed on Thursday by the Korean Communications Commission, which said the source of the attacks was traced back to computer IP addresses based in China.

This latest assault follows a series of attacks targeted at South Korea including distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) strikes in March and in 2009 which took down the country's presidential Blue House and Defense Ministry.

Chinese hackers also were reportedly linked to the attacks on three U.S. defense contractors as well as cyberespoinage campaigns launched earlier this year, in which data was stolen from RSA's SecurID two-factor authentication devices. The devices were widely used by U.S. government agencies, contractors and banks.