Chinese man grows new nose on his forehead

After losing his own nose in an accident, a Chinese man has grown a replacement on his forehead.

A man hailing from the Chinese Fujian province has grown a new nose on his forehead following a car accident which damaged his face.

The 22 year-old, whose identity remains protected, suffered severe injuries in a traffic accident which left his nose too fragile to repair. As a result, surgeons in China have grown a new nose for him -- implanted within his forehead to keep blood vessels and skin intact to maximize chances of the transplant being accepted.

Surgeons expanded the skin in his forehead, moulding it to the correct shape before implanting cartilage taken from his rib.

After nine months of growth, the nose is ready to be extracted and placed in the correct position -- what the Chinese surgeons consider the "easiest bit," and will be performed soon.

Kevin Hancock, consultant plastic surgeon, told the BBC that the Chinese were "original thinkers" and able to enjoy a population which is "very tolerant of research to develop surgical techniques."

Via: BBC

Image credit: BBC/ Screenshot

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