Chinese phone maker Elephone talking up handset with Android 5.0, Windows 10

A report out of Hong Kong states that Elephone is sharing information about an upcoming phone that can run Android and Windows 10.
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Elephone P7000
(Image: Elephone)
In a trade show in Hong Kong, Chinese smartphone maker Elephone is sharing a few details about an upcoming phone, reports GizChina. This is not a typical handset as the company claims it will run Android 5.0 and Windows 10. It's not clear if the upcoming phone will dual-boot between the two OSes, but odds are it will ship with one or the other.

The smartphone will use an Intel processor for the first time, presumably to be compatible with both OSes. Elephone says the 5.5-inch smartphone will have a high-resolution display (2K), 4GB of RAM and a fingerprint reader. The handset will be a flagship phone for Elephone.

This could be a good thing for Microsoft, especially if the phone turned out to be a dual-boot system. The Chinese smartphone market is huge, and it could only mean good things for Microsoft to have Windows 10 on a buyer's new Android phone so they can try it.

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