Chinese startup launches wearable tech

Chinese company iGeak launches wearable gadgets, Geak watch and Geak Ring, which feature integration with smartphones and supports near-field communication.

Chinese startup iGeak last week launched the Geak Watch and Geak Ring, its latest range of wearable tech products, featuring integration with smartphone, and support for near-field communication (NFC) and easy identification functions.

iGeak Ring has an internal battery touted to keep it running for 99 years without charging.

According to a report on local news portal NetEase published June 17, the Geak Watch, scheduled to be available on July 3, is touted to be the world's first smartwatch. Operating on Android 4.1 and equipped with a 1.55-inch LED touch screen, the watch supports Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, remote control of the phone camera, and has multiple sensors to collect data on temperature, velocity, pulse, and blood pressure. 

Hikers will find this watch especially useful as it can build up private networks to communicate within devices in mountainous areas where there may not be a signal. iGeak also will offer new app downloads for the watch and updates for its operating system.

iGeak also launched Geak Ring, a device that allows users to quickly unlock the screen by touching the phone with the finger that wears the ring. Users also can share contact information and pictures with friends by touching each other's phones. The build-in battery can keep the ring running for 99 years without charging, according to the company.

The Geak Ring currently only supports the company's recently launched smartphones, but will be compatible with other brands by November.

The Geak watch will sell at 1,999 yuan (US$325) while the Geak Ring is priced at 199 yuan (US$32).

An affiliated company of Chinese online games provider, Shanda Interactive Entertainment (SNDA), iGeak was founded in 2009 and comprises a small and young team of employees formerly from Google, Motorola, and Apple.