Chinese student builds Chrome extension to deal with 'breakups'

An undergraduate student in China develops a Chrome extension that allows users of social media platform, Ren Ren, to more easily remove information associated with a former boyfriend or girlfriend.

An undergraduate student has launched a Chrome extension that allows users to easily delete information associated with their ex-boyfriend and -girlfriend on social networking site, Renren, which is the equivalent of Facebook in China. 


According to a Chongqing Morning Post report Friday, the extension is available on the social networking site which users can click and select the "Breakup Panel". They then type in their ex's username, tick the boxes in front of "Picture Comment", "Lover's Space", "Special Attention", and "Friend", and hit the "Start the Breakup" icon.

The developer, who goes by the nickname "Xie Mengfei", is a junior-year student at Wuhan University in central China. Xie launched the extension on August 13, which is July 7 on the lunar calendar and the Chinese Valentine's Day. His post on the launch has been viewed over 140,000 times and received over 10,000 "Likes" on Renren.

He said he spent only an afternoon developing the codes and didn't pick the August 13 launch date to mock victims of bitter breakups. "I didn't develop it because any of my friends are going through such things. It was just for fun," said Xie. "The extension now only works for Renren, but technically speaking, it could be made available to any social network platforms such as [Chinese microblogging service] Weibo."

Zhang Wei, a psychiatrist, was quoted in the report to say: "Everyone should respect his/her own experience and relationship. These pieces of information [on social media] show your journey to becoming a more mature adult, and people should deal with past relationships with more caution."