Chipotle's Twitter fail. User error or marketing genius?

Chipotle goes off course as it runs some software tests -- giving Twitter users a smile


Marketing automation tools do not always enhance the customer experience. Often automated messages drive us crazy.

Credit: Chipotle

Last month it was thought that Bank of America used an automated bot that responded to customer tweets. Unfortunately its banal comments in response to an angry customer complaining about foreclosure seemed automated.

Its uncaring response led to angry tweets complaining about its lack of care for its customers.

Now another brand has kept us entertained as it posted a set of strange tweets. Chipotle seemed to be experimenting with functionality on its Social Engage tool. Perhaps @ChipotleTweets was trying to use voice activation to send tweets on its account.

Whatever the reason was, strange messages started to appear on its feed:

Full marks to Chipotle for not deleting the tweets and hopefully for changing its password after disclosing it. When reminded that the brand should delete the messages, ‘Joe’ from Chipotle tweeted: Nah, nobody was hurt, so it's all good. – Joe.

The Twitter feed has since returned to normal promoting its latest puzzle in the campaign offering a chance to win 20 years of burritos or a years free supply.

So what went wrong on Sunday? Was it user error, playing with Siri whilst logged in to the company Twitter account? Was it down to the testing of new features in the marketing automation software?

Or was it a carefully crafted piece of guerrilla marketing designed to get more awareness for the brand?

Whatever it was, it gave followers some light relief in an otherwise ordinary set of updates.


Kate got in touch to say that the Chiptole "hack" was a clue for the Adventurrito puzzle. So well done to Chipotle for a brilliantly executed piece of viral awareness that got us all talking about the brand. Excellent work guys.

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