Chrome browser makes steady gains

Chrome is now used by one out of every eight people on the internet, while Microsoft's latest browser is also showing signs of steady growth.

Credit: Net Applications

Chrome usage increased from 11.9 percent in April to 12.5 percent in May, according to statistics released on Wednesday by Net Applications. The company bases its findings on population-adjusted measurements of visitors to websites using its analytics tools.

Google has been promoting Chrome widely, taking out ads, publicizing it on YouTube with Lady Gaga songs and sentimental videos, sponsoring developer events, and devoting a full day at Google I/O to the browser and its close relative, Chrome OS. The company's primary objective is to make the web a faster, more powerful foundation for software and services.

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), meanwhile, rose from 2.4 percent of users in April to 4.2 percent in May, Net Applications said.

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