Chrome browser to debut on iPhone and iPad today

Chrome for iPhone and iPad was announced today at Google I/O 2012 and is now available for download in the App Store.

Chrome coming to iPhone and iPad today - Jason O'Grady
Chrome Vice President Brian Rakowski announced (and TweetedChrome for iPhone and iPad (free, App Store) at Google I/O 2012 today in San Francisco.

According to reportage by The Verge Chrome for iOS will require iOS 4.3 or higher and will support Chrome sync. Blurry photos of the slideware don't provide many more details other than the fact that it's strikingly similar to Chrome for Android. No surprises there.

Possibly the most newsworthy part of the announcement is the fact that Chrome for iOS is available today.

Although it has a lot of potential for Chrome users on the desktop, I primarily use Safari on OS X and like its iCloud bookmark syncing. Plus iOS 6 is adding iCloud tab syncing which will be an added bonus.

Mashable notes that Chrome for iOS is basically a skinned version of Mobile Safari (UIWebView) minus the Nitro JavaScript engine -- which Apple restricts to Mobile Safari for "security reasons." Also since Apple doesn't provide an option to select default apps in iOS touching links in apps (email, messages, etc.) only opens them in Safari.

Chrome Apple: rockrgrl4ever15