Chrome: the great mobile equalizer

The Chrome browser is available on most every mobile platform. That makes it the obvious choice for multi-platform online work.

I'm not your typical mobile worker. I have four laptops (Chromebook, Mac, Windows 8.1), and three tablets (Kindle Fire HDX, iPad, Windows 8.1). I rotate among them at will, grabbing any one of them as I head out the door to work remotely. A constant across all of these platforms and devices that make this possible is the Chrome browser.

Chrome iPad
Chrome on iPad Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet

Google has constantly adapted Chrome to be a complete ecosystem that branches across Windows, Macs, Android, and Chromebooks. Chrome keeps the user's work environment the same across all devices under his or her control. You open up Chrome on any synced device, and everything is the same as it was yesterday, on another device and platform.

The mobile versions of Chrome for iOS and Android aren't as rich as the two desktop versions, but they come very close. They are close enough to be good solutions for online work, in fact.

This is signficant for individual users like me, but it's even more important for enterprises wanting to deploy a variety of tablets for employee use. Those running a BYOD program will appreciate having a constant in play across all of these platforms. With Chrome as the approved browser, support staff will have a consistent environment across all approved platforms and devices.

No matter how you feel about Google as a company, you must admire the way it has expanded Chrome for cross-platform use. It's free, full-featured, and designed to keep multiple devices in sync. The user only has to sign in and everything under the hood happens automatically. That means happier workers and IT support staff.

Chrome is not perfect but it comes a lot closer than other browsers, especially in environments using all of the mobile platforms. While every individual and organization must take into account particulars to determine what works, it's prudent to remember Chrome.

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