Chromebook, iPad mini, Nokia, and Microsoft (MobileTechRoundup show #280)

Kevin was pleased to hear I finally purchased a Chromebook, Apple has an event this week, Nokia continues to show poor financial, and Microsoft needs to tell a clear story about Windows 8.

Listen here (MP3, 33MB, 53 minutes)

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Kevin's been encouraging me to check out the Chromebook for a long time and as you can here on MobileTechRoundup show #280 I finally purchased one when Google dropped them way down to $249. Other topics discussed include:

  • Kevin's hands-on experiences with the $249 ARM-based Chromebook
  • Last chance for iPad mini predictions. Word now is $349 to start
  • Another bad quarter for Lumia sales. How much longer can Nokia last
  • Will Windows 8 give WP8 a needed boost?
  • Has Microsoft given folks a compelling reason to buy Surface over currently available tablets / other devices
  • Mixed messages on RT / 8 Pro
  • Why is Xbox Music now one of the most compelling music solutions?
  • LG’s Optimus G is here, pre-cursor to the Nexus