Chromebook Pixel running Windows 8 remotely (video)

The Chrome Remote Desktop app is a free web app for Chrome that can be used to run Windows PCs and Macs from Chrome. This video shows a Chromebook Pixel controlling a Windows 8 touch system.

Pixel RDP
Chromebook Pixel running Windows 8 remotely

There is a free app in the Chrome App Store that turns the Chrome browser into a remote control system to access Windows PCs and Macs remotely. Remote control using the Chrome Remote Desktop app is possible from any Chrome browser, but is particularly useful when the Chromebook Pixel is used with its touch screen.

In the video below, the Chromebook Pixel is demonstrated running Windows 8 remotely on an HP Envy x2 hybrid PC. The camera angle was chosen to show the Pixel display running Windows 8 remotely while leaving a corner of the Envy x2 screen in view. This clearly demonstrates the slight lag between the two systems.

The Chrome Remote Desktop app is installed on every system you wish to use as either a host or client during remote control sessions. Each system has a unique PIN number, ensuring security is maintained.

The app passes only single touch controls from the Pixel touch screen, so multi-touch gestures cannot be used to control the remote system. Simple controls such as touching icons on the Pixel screen work fine on the Windows system. The Pixel trackpad can control the Windows 8 system without issues.

The lack of a dedicated Windows key on the Chromebook Pixel is not a problem. Ctrl-Esc can be used to switch between the Metro start screen and any app. The Chrome Remote Desktop app can control both Metro and desktop apps with ease.

The good performance of the Chrome Remote Desktop app lends itself well for using Chromebooks in enterprise settings. The cheap Chromebook can be used for most work tasks with access to work systems when needed.

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