Chromebook Pixel with LTE cannot step down to 3G

While most 4G/LTE devices can step down to a 3G network when out of the 4G area, Google's laptop is stuck with only wi-fi.

The Chromebook Pixel with long-term evolution (LTE) will be shipping in just a few weeks, and while it's not likely that many will be buying such an expensive chromebook, those planning to do so should be aware of a limitation it has.

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Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet

Looking at the specifications of the LTE Chromebook Pixel, I found it odd that Google very carefully indicates only LTE capability. Most devices with 4G LTE capability also have 3G radios allowing the device to step down to slower 3G when out of a 4G-covered area.

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Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet

I reached out to Google for confirmation of the Chromebook Pixel's limitation to just 4G LTE connections and the company confirmed it.

While this isn't a tremendous limitation, since LTE is so much faster then 3G, those living in fringe areas of 4G coverage should be aware of the lack of 3G in the Pixel. If you live or frequently travel to an area on the edge of 4G coverage with Verizon and your phone drops often to 3G service, be aware that your Chromebook Pixel will not do so. You will be restricted to wi-fi only in such areas.

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