Chromebook Spectacular: The Practical Chrome Podcast

Tonight at 10PM EST, I join John Oliphant, James Welbes, and Craig Tumblison for their Practical Chrome Podcast show. In this live 13th episode, "Tell Me What You Really Think", I discuss my ongoing 30 day adventure with my Acer Chromebook.

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Practical Chrome Podcast hosts John Oliphant, James Welbes and Craig Tumbison, have invited me onto their 13th live episode to discuss my current undertaking, " February 2014 is Chromebook month for me " at 10PM EST tonight. They've titled the show, "Tell Me What You Really Think". My guess is that they've at least glanced at a few of my posts to have come up with that title.

I'll use my Chromebook to connect to the show and have a live talkback session with John and the guys, which you can watch us live using this link. You can also listen, podcast style, later to the entire show. I'll have a link to it in an upcoming post—probably when I write up my summary of my 30 day adventure with the Chromebook.

Incidentally, Dell has sent me a Chromebook 11 to evaluate and review during this period, which you'll also see in an upcoming article. I figure that because it's a Chromebook too, it doesn't spoil the whole "Chromebook only" shtick.

You should connect to the show for exclusive content and live dialog with the Practical Chrome Podcast hosts and me.

Join us tonight at 10PM Eastern for the live show.

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