Chromebooks get VPN, secure Wi-Fi, Citrix virtualization

With a trio of big feature additions, Google's Chromebook is quickly becoming the IT manager's best friend.

Since the unveling of its Chromebook, Google has billed the cloud-based notebook as the ideal device for both enterprise customers and their beleaguered IT departments.

With the most recent update, Google is proving its case.

In an addition that perhaps should have been part of the Chromebook from the beginning, Google is adding virtual private network (VPN) support, allowing users secure remote access of their corporate or institutional networks.

That's not all. Google is also adding support for the secure 802.1X protocol, which allows network managers to require authentication for users to access secure Wi-Fi networks.

Sweetening the deal is Citrix desktop application vitualization, ideal for companies that rely on expensive software suites but are increasingly made up of road warriors.

Google says all three feature additions are in response to feedback from its business and education customers. With such widely-used features in these sectors, though, why wasn't it a no-brainer?

The computer that keeps getting better... [Google]

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