Chrome's omnibox search goes wonky for a while

For several hours on Tuesday morning, those trying to use Google Search through the browser's 'omnibox' found themselves facing a blank screen instead of results

Many Google Chrome users were unable to search using the 'omnibox' for several hours in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The omnibox can usually be used both for entering URLs into the browser and for conducting searches, but for a significant period only the former function was working. Searches entered into the omnibox showed results for a split second before a blank screen was served up.

Although no cause for the glitch has been given yet, at the time of writing (around 8am BST), it seemed to have cleared up. However, Google forum complaints indicate that it persisted for around five hours.

The omnibox function has been a key feature of the Chrome browser since its 2008 release. It usually uses Google as its search engine, although others can be chosen instead.

The glitch on Tuesday only seemed to affect those using Google Search through the omnibox.

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