Cillit Bang and Facebook clean up with All in 1 social commerce offering

Reckitt Benckiser has taken social commerce one step further than its competition by launching and offering its new Cillit Bang cleaning product exclusively on Facebook.

Reckitt Benckiser has taken social commerce one step further than the competition by launching and offering a new product exclusively on Facebook.

Cillit Bang All in 1 Dish and Surface Cleaner is being sold exclusively through its Cillit Bang UK Facebook page.

Cillit Bang All in 1 Source: Facebook

Selling exclusively through Facebook is gaining traction with B2C brands.

Heinz Soup in the UK sends out personalised cans of its 'Get Well' soup.

Thorntons sells chocolates from its Facebook shop - but doesn not complete the transaction entirely in page.   Les Paul guitars has an F-commerce store app on its page.  Even Maplin has a new online store.

Brave move

But to offer product lines entirely through Facebook is a brave move indeed.

Stefan Gaa, UK marketing director at Reckitt Benckiser says the company is going to "step up efforts to integrate social commerce with other marketing and sales channels".

Sales will need to be monitored closely. Currently the Facebook page only has around 12,000 fans so sales might not be too high initially.

This might be a test item before Reckitt Benckiser moves to offer other products and sub brands via F-commerce. “You never know before you do something how it will turn out,” says Gaa.

If most of us are spending most of our time on Facebook, then it makes sense for the brand to target its marketing efforts there. Loyal fans will buy the product and share it with their friends - innovation that Maplin has got right.

It doesn't account for the challenges in finding new brands on Facebook, or the low amount of interaction with the brand, but F-commerce is certainly moving in the right direction for some brands.

If the quality of apps improve and simplify our buying of goods and services from within Facebook then more brands will adopt F-commerce.

Until then, these store fronts are just one off examples of brands using the Facebook platform as their trusted social commerce site and demonstrating their connection to their customers.

And with the amount of time we spend on Facebook, it could turn out to be rather profitable.

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