CipherTrust adds email encryption to help fight spam

Brief: Email security firm CipherTrust has updated its IronMail security appliances to provide secure transportation for emails and documents

CipherTrust added an encryption framework to its email security platform on Wednesday that helps enterprises keep their email messages and documents away from prying eyes.

Until recently, most large organisations have required their users to manually sign or encrypt emails containing sensitive or confidential information. Because of laziness or forgetfulness, this often leads to insecure emails being exchanged, contrary to that organisation's security policy.

Steve Raber, chief executive of CipherTrust, told ZDNet UK that the IronMail Privacy Architecture (IPA) is designed to improve the capabilities of existing IronMail installations by securing communications between mail servers using a variety of encryption techniques.

"We are able to offer secure delivery -- based on company policy -- via SSL, TLS, SMIME or PGP. If none of these are supported, the recipient can be sent a plain text email containing a URL. They click on the URL and then, after authenticating with a password, gain access to the secure message," Raber said.

Last year, encryption specialists PGP introduced a server-based email security system called PGP Universal, which provides a similar service to CipherTrust's IPA by encrypting and decrypting emails as required.