Circonus business and IT monitoring

Circonus monitors everything to provide needed context across IT and business systems to drive better decisions. The company offers a pragmatic approach based upon years of real-world experience.

Circonus reached out to me after I had published some analysis of a competitor. The company wanted me to learn more about how its software can work with and/or replace other monitoring solutions for on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid computing environments. The conversation made it clear that Circonus knows what it is doing, has done it for a large customer base, and their tools are based upon pragmatic, real-world experience.

What does Circonus monitor?

Circonus says that they monitor everything going on in the environment. The company indicates that they "love telemetry data" and don't care where it comes from. Circonus monitors IT assets including switches, routers, power supplies, systems. It also monitors applications, application frameworks, databases, and web servers.

Relating telemetry data with business processes

Circonus also does its best to reach up into the business processes that are supported by the IT equipment and software. Things such as how:

  • page views relate to marketing and sales campaigns
  • financial data relates to purchases, ROI, and resource planning data
  • call center volume relates to customer satisfaction

They claim to have been "DevOps" before the catch phrase was coined and long before it became "cool."

What does Circonus do?

The key to their approach is to collect data once and find many ways to use that data to power predictive analytics. Trending, real time troubleshooting, as well as fault and anomaly detection are all features of Circonus' approach.

A key design philosophy for Circonus is knowing that monitoring systems must be even more reliable than the systems they're tracking.

Snapshot analysis

The performance management market is very competitive. Large players, such as BMC, CA, HP, IBM and Microsoft, and quite a collection of smaller players are vying to be the supplier of choice.

The large suppliers offer complex management frameworks that try to be everything to everyone, everywhere, always. This approach, of course, leaves many opportunities for smaller players to fill in missing features and functions.

Smaller players have entered the market with approaches to monitor each segment of a complex workload. A few are trying to monitor the complete environment from end to end.

Most medium and large organizations have selected a number of tools and are doing their best to effectively monitor their environments and catch issues before they become problems.

A supplier having a fresh approach has to fit into this complex environment and provide immediate and visible benefits to customers. Circonus's software, coming out of a successful consulting engagements, is based on a well-tested, highly pragmatic approach that is highly scalable. Circonus believes that it can provide much-needed context across IT and business systems to help drive better decisions by understanding various aspects of a company’s operations and their impact on performance.

I was impressed with their demo, what Circonus offers and I think you will be to.