Cisco intros Elastic Access portfolio

Cisco said the portfolio of software and hardware products provides new levels of service agility, including "bandwidth on the fly" and Cisco ESP orchestration.


Cisco released its new Elastic Access portfolio Thursday, which the company is touting as its answer to the growing bandwidth problem facing service providers as the Internet of Everything demands more network agility.

Cisco says the software-defined networking (SDN)-enabled portfolio of software and hardware products can help service providers reduce network deployment costs by up to 56 percent through the use of virtualization, programmability and architectural convergence in the access segment of the network. It is also being credited as a key element of the Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN), the company's infrastructure layer for programmable networks.

Combined with the Cisco Evolved Services platform (ESP), EPN and Elastic Access make up the architectural building blocks for Cisco's service provider panacea, the Open Network Environment, which Cisco hopes to leverage to gain a foothold in the $19 trillion economic market of the IoE.

Liz Centoni, Cisco VP and GM of the service provider access group, said in a statement:

With this announcement, Cisco is leading the way to deliver the benefits of virtualization, management and software-defined networking-based advances to the last mile. With our elastic core, edge and access products, the Cisco Evolved Programmable Network is the most programmable, end-to-end solution on the market.

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