Cisco, NetApp, VMWare partner to isolate, secure data

Cisco, NetApp and VMWare partner to offer a new data center design architecture that further secures data in a virtual data center.

Three Silicon Valley companies - Cisco, NetApp and VMWare - today joined forces to offer "new design architectures that help customers evolve virtualized data centers to be more efficient, dynamic and secure."

The idea is to enhance security by isolating specific IT apps and data for different clients or business units that share a common IT infrastructure.  If the virtual data center can operate more efficiently with a eye on security, companies may be more likely to move deeper into the virtual data center.

In a statement, VMWare CEO Paul Maritz, explains it this way:

Virtualization of the network, server and storage infrastructure is radically reshaping today's data center. The dynamic data center built on VMware vSphere, along with Cisco and NetApp technologies, will provide the foundation for both private and public clouds and the ability to move data and applications between these clouds. A shared virtual infrastructure requires that resources for different tenants are isolated while delivering on promised service levels. We have integrated our technology with Cisco and NetApp not only to accelerate our customers' journey through their data center transition, but also to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

As part of the collaborative effort, the companies also introduced a global, 24-hour cooperative support system.