Cisco puts focus back on video with telepresence, conferencing integration

Cisco is trying to tie all of its video conferencing and telepresence products with an new enterprise video platform.

Although Cisco backed away from consumer video products when it dropped the Flip mini-HD camcorder earlier this year, but that doesn't mean Cisco isn't giving up on video entirely.

It turns out, video is actually one of Cisco’s top five priorities. This time, the strategy is focused on enterprise.

Cisco is taking a new approach to its Enterprise Video Content platform, which has been designed to enable customers to better capture, enhance and analyze video, as well making it easier to find and access content on any device at any time.

Any device really refers to mobile here, as Cisco Show and Share, a video-sharing platform for the enterprise, will be available as a free app for iPad and iPhone starting in late October. Basically, it allows mobile users to search and watch videos, as well as record and upload their own.

Cisco is also integrating new solutions in the following products, among others:

  • Easing the process for capturing video with seamless integration between the Cisco TelePresence Content Server and the Cisco MXE 3500 Series so that customers can record an HD video from any standards-based video conferencing or telepresence endpoint to automatically post to Cisco Show and Share
  • Users will be able to stream a video conference or telepresence meeting directly into Show and Share.
  • The next release of Cisco’s Pulse Video Analytics, housed on the MXE 3500, will be integrated into Cisco Show and Share, to enable users to quickly locate video content in the Show and Share portal, including recorded video and WebEx meetings.

The goal is to enable enterprises to upgrade from traditional business video meeting technologies and realize how easy it can be to capture, create and share video content on any device.

Most of these new solutions will be available globally soon.