Cisco Security Everywhere expands to protect shadow IT, cloud services

The firm's "security everywhere" strategy is being implemented with new solutions to improve network threat visibility.


Cisco is advancing its "security everywhere" plan with a range of new enterprise-based products designed to bolster protection for shadow IT, endpoints and the cloud.

Announced on Tuesday, the San Jose, California-based firm said the strategy involves launching new security services alongside a threat awareness service enhanced with the contribution of extra cybersecurity partners.

Cisco says that threat actors are more commonly using an advanced array of techniques to penetrate business networks which go beyond poking holes in firewalls and leveraging zero-day exploits against common software. Instead, cyberattackers are looking at the extended network -- including routers, switches and data centers -- to take advantage of weak spots, which can be elements security teams cannot see.

To combat these threats, the tech giant is adding the Cisco Cloud Access Security (CAS) to its portfolio, which provides visibility and data security for cloud-based applications through partnerships with Elastica and SkyHigh Networks.

"To protect cloud-based applications, such as Dropbox and, CAS prevents the uploading of sensitive information and inappropriate sharing of data in the applications, to limit data exposure breaches," Cisco says.

The Identity Services Engine (ISE) is also now equipped with new enhancements. ISE, a security policy management platform which automatically enforces context-aware secure access to network resources, has been bolstered with the integration of the Cisco Mobility Services Engine, giving IT staff the chance to create and enforce location policies which define access to data based on specific areas, such as rooms.

In addition, ISE's security coverage has improved through the addition of nine new partners within the pxGrid partner ecosystem. The new partners, including Check Point, Infoblox, and Invincea, will be contributing contextual threat data with ISE.

Cisco's Threat Awareness Service is another fresh addition to the company portfolio, a solution tailored to enhances threat visibility of both inbound and outbound network activity as well as highlight potential threats.

Finishing up the new security offerings, Cisco has also included the addition of the Network Visibility Module to AnyConnect VPN to provide contextual data to IT employees concerning users, apps, devices, locations and destinations of corporate traffic.

The new solutions are important for Cisco as they show the company is willing to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to enterprise security. As data breaches become a weekly occurrence and bid for a daily slot in the day's news, corporations are scrambling to keep up. Investment has to be made across the board if firms are going to keep their networks secure, and this is an area Cisco can now capitalize on.

David Goeckeler, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco's Security Business Group commented:

"Our integrated approach minimizes security risks and exposure versus point solutions that can leave gaps as they lack a holistic view.

Today's product, solution and services enhancements provide our customers with visibility, protection and control to address a broader cross-section of issues. This will allow them to focus on growing their businesses."

In related news, the tech giant acquired cybersecurity firm Lanscope for $452 million this month. The Alpharetta, Georgia-based firm specializes in network behavior analytics, threat visibility and security intelligence, a company portfolio Cisco can take advantage of to bolster the "security everywhere" strategy.

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