Cisco to debut Cloud Connect in June

Cisco plans to debut in June a new product called Cloud Connect which will enable secure connectivity between virtualized data centers and across cloud environments. Cisco is working with VMware, Citrix, Red Hat, NetApp and EMC to deliver network and compute solutions for the cloud.

Networking giant Cisco plans to launch in June a new product called Cloud Connect that will enable secure connectivity between data centers and across cloud environments.

In her InterOp 2012 keynote on Tuesday, Cisco CTO and Senior VP of Engineering Padmasree Warrior said the company is engaging with best-of-breed virtualization/cloud vendors including VMware, EMC, NetApp, Citrix and Red Hat to deliver both compute and networking products that allow customers to build and secure private, public and hybrid clouds.

"Networking plays a huge role in providing secure and safe connectivity between private clouds and public clouds," the CTO said, noting that company's long experience with WebEx, the second largest business cloud, is aiding in its product plans for customers.

Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior (InterOp Events)

Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior (InterOp Events)

She said the economies of scale afforded by cloud computing are huge. For example, when clouds are deployed in data centers with more than 1,000 servers, the total cost of ownership is 50 percent lower than traditional data centers, she claimed.

Vendors are under pressure to create new ways to deploy infrastructure to deliver applications faster. By the end of 2012, for instance, 70 percent of enterprises of all sizes will be using some form of cloud technology, whether pure infrastructure virtualization or consuming applications in a SaaS model, she added.

She also cited Forrester Research data showing that more than 56 percent of organizations surveyed are thinking about desktop virtualization and virtualized clients to improve efficiency and as a quicker way of deploying applications.

"Cloud is changing how applications and services are deployed more as a Saas component ... [and] Infrastructure deployment models are changing because of virtualization," Warrior said.


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