Cisco updates, integrates HyperFlex converged infrastructure system

Cisco announced feature updates and more integration with the company's software and data platforms for its HyperFlex systems.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Cisco on Tuesday said it has added more integration and support for next-generation technologies to its HyperFlex converged system.

The update comes as Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins noted on the company's most recent earnings report that HyperFlex has started slow. Robbins said:

I think on the hyperconverged, we certainly would like to see it moving more quickly. We have recently had a release of software that has helped with some of the capabilities, and I think that there are a couple more coming that should continue to give us more capabilities in that space.

Those new capabilities were outlined by Cisco, which said that HyperFlex, launched last year, has netted 1,100 new customers. Specifically, HyperFlex will now integrate Cisco's HX Data Platform, which is a distributed file system for hyperconverged clusters.

HyperFlex's latest release also supports support for high-capacity all-flash nodes and support for 40 Gbps UCS fabric networking. Platform management is also handled via HyperFlex Connect, which has analytics and a standalone HTML5 interface.

Among other additions:

  • A native replication feature to protect applications and data at rest security.
  • Integration with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite CloudCenter for hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Orchestration for infrastructure as a service offerings.
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