Cisco VP turns hunting memo leaker into new 'hobby'

A Cisco executive, who also happens to be a former CIA operations officer, is on the hunt for someone who leaked an internal memo.

Cisco vice president Mike Quinn appears to be very peeved at the moment as some of his leaked emails continue to cause a stir.

Based on a new report (among several) from Network World, Quinn is looking for someone who leaked an internal memo at the telecommunications giant.

The original memo in question was leaked to and published by blogger Brad Reese last week, but it's really the latest memo/warning/veiled threat to Cisco employees that has people talking now.

Here's a snippet:

The person or persons whom felt it was cool or correct to share this internal memo should now have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and admit that they did this, then resign.

I want you to remember that Cisco puts the groceries on your table every two weeks, not Brad Reese or other Slander Sheet Journalists. That you disrespected everyone else at Cisco. Now I know you do not have it in you to stand up and admit what you did, so I will now make you my "hobby." Ask around you will find out that I like to work on my hobbies.

The full text is available on Reese's blog. The use of the word "hobby" actually makes this sound a bit more sinister and twisted, which isn't helped by the fact that Quinn is a former CIA operations officer.