Cisco warns businesses about security flaw

Vulnerabilities could allow a remote attacker to execute denial of service attacks against websites

Businesses are being warned that three Cisco router operating system vulnerabilities have been discovered that could enable a malicious individual to commit denial of service attacks against websites.

A warning issued by Cert informed users that a remote attacker would be able to execute code on affected devices. Users are being told to upgrade to a fixed version of IOS.

A statement from Cisco said: "Cisco is aware of multiple vulnerabilities that may impact Cisco IOS and IOS XR devices, and has published three separate security advisories about them.

"In all cases, Cisco has made free software available to address the vulnerabilities for affected customers. Cisco is also not aware of any current exploitation of these vulnerabilities."

Users who are concerned about the vulnerabilities can find out more information from Cisco here or from Cert here.