Cisco's executive shuffle continues with CTO's expected summer departure

UPDATED: Padmasree Warrior joined Cisco in 2008 after serving as CTO at Motorola.

Cisco's game of executive musical chairs continues.

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Just a few weeks after handing over the chief executive reins to Chuck Robbins, the networking giant will likely start another hunt for a top-tier role.

Padmasree Warrior, chief technology and strategy officer (not to mention one of Cisco's most recognizable C-level representatives), is expected to depart the company later this summer, according to a report from Re/Code on Monday.

Warrior joined Cisco in 2008 after serving as CTO at Motorola. She became Cisco's head of strategy on top of her CTO role amid an executive shuffle in 2012.

Along with jointly overseeing Cisco's global engineering group as CTO, Warrior previously served as senior vice president of engineering, managing core switching, collaboration, security, cloud and data center/virtualization units.

Since then, Warrior has been front and center in revealing Cisco's ongoing big data and Internet of Things (or "Internet of Everything," as Cisco describes it) strategies.

During a media presentation at Cisco headquarters in San Jose in March 2013, Warrior outlined Cisco's then-business strategy for the following five years, highlighting Open Stack and open source technology as "critical enablers" to move up the stack, improve efficiency for its applications, and provide more business value.

"The network needs to be much more orchestrated rather than just being configurable," Warrior said at the time.

Warrior has an established presence in both technology and business sectors, serving on the board of directors for Gap, Inc. and board of trustees for Cornell University. She also added some old guard credence and experience to Box's board of directors with her appointment in March 2014.

ZDNet has reached out to Cisco and is awaiting comment.

UPDATE: A Cisco spokesperson replied, pointing to a blog post by CEO Chuck Robbins, reiterating he plans to announce his full leadership team within two weeks, adding, "We won't be commenting on rumors on who might be part of that team or not in the interim."

Robbins did note that Cisco co-presidents Rob Lloyd and Gary Moore will be leaving the company, effective July 25. They will remain in their roles until then. The Re/Code report suggested Warrior's departure would coincide with the same date.