Citrix Analyst Meeting - Wes Wasson's address

Citrix expands upon its product strategy to address the vision presented by its CEO.

Wes Wasson, Citrix's CMO, presented the Citrix product and go-to-market strategy. While Wes wasn't as exciting to hear as his boss, Mark Templeton, it was still quite interesting.

Once again, Wes hit upon the concept of "Virtual Workstyles" with a vengeance. Citrix clearly is working very hard to provide tools necessary for what the company calls the "Three PC" environment that is based upon each of us having our own personal cloud, having access to our organization's private cloud and having access to the public cloud. The product strategy, as Wes described it is based upon addressing three phases of product design: build, deliver and connect.

  • Build - Products Citrix offers must be ready to help organizations develop cloud services.
  • Deliver - Products Citrix offers must be ready to deliver access to applications and data, regardless of the format of that data, to any device over any network, anywhere.
  • Connect - Citrix needs to offer products that allow personal, private and public clouds to work together.

Wes then went on to present a layer cake model of products needed to accomplish this mission. Some of the products are available today and some will appear in the future.

It appears that Citrix's product strategy is well on its way to deliver upon the vision presented by Mark Templeton in his keynote address.