Citrix latest XenDesktop, XenApp plug into Amazon Web Services, CloudStack

Citrix is also bundling in mobile device management capabilities at a discount for select XenDesktop and XenApp customers.

Citrix on Tuesday launched new releases of its XenDesktop and XenApp virtualization applications that will connect to Amazon Web Services and the company's CloudPlatform.


The move by Citrix ties into a recurring theme among tech vendors: Enterprises are going to need to connect to public and private clouds seamlessly to account for spikes. For instance, Cisco outlined plans to be in the middle of allocating both public and private cloud resources.

XenDesktop and XenApp are built on the same architecture and designed to be one console enterprises can use to deliver apps and desktop functionality to mobile devices.

Specifically, XenDesktop 7.5 will provision desktop virtualization for private and public cloud infrastructure. Citrix said it will support any cloud over time and add Windows Azure support in the future.

XenDesktop 7.5 will be available in March.

XenApp 7.5 will also be available on multiple clouds and revolves around making enterprise Windows applications mobile friendly.

Citrix said customers of both XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum edition can add mobile device management or enterprise mobile management features at a discount. The offer expires Sept. 30.

Rest assured that VMware, which recently bought AirWatch , is likely to offer similar bundling and discount offers for mobile device management.