Citrix launches improved meeting system

New features could help Citrix in an increasingly competitive battle for the hearts and minds of those who can’t get enough of meetings

Citrix today released the latest version of its online meeting software, GoToMeeting 2.0, which features new features for recording meetings, sharing applications and drawing.

The new version, which is free to existing GoToMeeting users, is designed to be more competitive with Microsoft Live Meeting 2005.

The test release has been redesigned to make it make online meeting easier to organise and run, and is said to improve collaboration. According to analyst house Gartner, online meetings are becoming more popular as they "demonstrate quick return on investment, intuitive usability, and affordability". Collaboration tools are an "important part of creating a high performance workplace," according to Gartner's vice-president of research, Jeffrey Mann.

The new tools in GoToMeeting 2.0 include desktop recording and playback; annotation tools that let meeting attendees draw on screen and highlight areas; and specific application sharing so that one particular application can be shown without letting users get distracted by other applications or features.

It is available in two versions; GoToMeeting 2.0 for individuals and small businesses that require a single-user account and up to 10 meeting attendees, and GoToMeeting 2.0 Corporate for larger businesses which offers a minimum of five user accounts and up to 200 attendees per meeting.