Citrix to outline strategy at analyst meeting

Today is the first day of Citrix's annual analyst meeting. The company plans to tell the analysts its strategy to compete with the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware.

Citrix is briefing industry analysts over the next two days to lay out its strategy and how it hopes to successfully compete with Microsoft, Oracle and VMware.

If we look at Citrix's product portfolio, it covers access virtualization, application virtualization, processing virtualization, network virtualization and both security and management in Citrix-created virtual environments.

Citrix makes it possible to access virtualized workloads from nearly every intelligent, network-enabled device regardless of whether it is running Windows, MacOS, IOS, or Android. When a new device or operating system comes to market, Citrix is often the first to offer tools to bring it into an organization's IT infrastructure.

I will comment on the company's direction. Since I signed a non-disclosure agreement to attend this event, I may only be able to comment on the company's broad direction.