ClickLink: point and click Salesforce integration

FinancialForce showed me a neat and easy way to build custom integrations. No coding required.

The idea that you can create custom integrations in a point and click fashion is the stuff of dreams...or is it? Vinnie Mirchandani fears that the big SIs are still viewing the cloud world as 'more of the same' when it comes to implementations:

In the Marketing Cloud session, I wondered what value these traditional IT/ERP centric service providers would bring customers compared to digital agencies.  Likely,  they will continue to focus on Sales and Service cloud opportunities – for example, Siebel to Salesforce SFA migrations. But by now, that service should be priced much more reasonably than it was say, in 2007.

As seems to be increasingly the case, smaller vendors and SIs are figuring out new ways to get things done that are more in keeping with the needs of today and tomorrow, even going far enough as to disrupt themselves

While at Dreamforce I heard about ClickLink, a simple tool that allows customers to connect data from any object, custom or otherwise to documents. In times past this would have required the writing of custom code. Now the whole process, including writing the connection rules takes around 20 minutes per integration. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realise that this kind of tool can chop big lumps out of implementation timeframes. That's an important issue when thinking about moving to cloud solutions where the notion of cost effective service needs to impact all parts of the implementation and deployment process.

I really like this idea because it means that (some) problems around master data are significantly reduced while helping to ensure customers achieve early time to value. 

In the video above, I ask Kevin Roberts of FinancialForce to explains ClickLink. I then asked him to demo the system. See for yourself if this is something that lives up to the promise. 

Disclosure: comp'd most of my Dreamforce T&E. FinancialForce is a product client.

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