Clickmango resurrected and going offline

Joanna Lumley's favourite dot-com is poised to return, and this time it's looking beyond the Internet, the Web site promoted by TV celebrity Joanna Lumley looks set for a comeback after a shutdown in September last year.

According to reports in Friday's Independent, the health and beauty Web site is set to be relaunched by the two companies that snapped up its technology and brand after its earlier collapse., whose cofounders included Toby Rowland, the son of entrepreneur Tiny Rowland, had offered health and beauty products. It closed down on 11 September 2000 after failing to attract the £300,000 extra funding it needed -- with analysts blaming the collapse on the online presence of high-profile rivals, such as retail giant Boots.'s technology and branding was snapped up by US company Red Beach, which then sold a stake to e-business consultancy Adcore Software. These two companies are now planning to resurrect the dot-com -- giving it a presence on the high street as well.

According to company sources, the plan is to team up with an existing old economy retailer to create a new business model with a considerable proportion of offline sales. "There will certainly continue to be an Internet element to it, but we don't see it purely as an Internet play anymore," Sarah Collins, UK manager at Adcore, told the Independent.

The relaunch of is expected to take place before the summer.

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