ClickN Kids Tablet 2 is Intel-powered educational Android KitKat slate

The 7-inch tablet is powered by an Atom processor, features separate interfaces for children and parents, and costs $99.95.


Kids love iPads, but with Apple's lowest-priced model (the original iPad mini) still running $249, not every family can affford one. Moms and Dads might also not love the relative lack of parental controls that iOS provides, whereas Android allows for greater customizing by third-party manufacturers. That, and its sticker price of $0, makes it a popular OS for educational tablets.

Case in point: the new ClickN Kids Tablet 2. It runs the latest version of Android, KitKat 4.4., but offers what it calls a Dual Purpose Interface, which supplies both a child-friendly section for kids and a "Grown Ups" area for parents to use it like a conventional Android slate, albeit one in bright pastel colors if you get the protective gel case. It protects young ones from the wilds of the Internet through Kiddoware parental controls to filter content and monitor how long they've been using the tablet. 

In fact, the ClickN Kids Tablet 2 is the first Kid Safe Certified tablet that uses an Intel processor (even if the company has been trying to crack the educational tablet market, the dual-core Atom Z2520. Like other educational devices, it doesn't come with much in the way of storage -- 8GB (though there's 5GB of cloud storage available through Google Drive) -- or a pixel-dense display (the 7-inch touchscreen has a resolution of 1,024x600). But most pre-schoolers aren't really reading spec sheets too carefully, probably being more impressed with pre-installed learning apps like Looney Tunes Phonics.

While you can pre-order the Tablet 2 with a gel case in a rainbow of color choices from the ClickN Kids website for $129.99, the company will also be selling it more widely through retailers like Target, online sites for Best Buy, Office Depot, and Toys"R"Us, and even Home Shopping Network for $99.95.